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Blue Mena Group is the leading customer service ecosystem specialist in Middle East and North Africa .

We ensure measurable improvement of your customer service ecosystem whatever your industry is.

We believe in elevating customer service ecosystems to excellence through people, process and technology performance.

We deliver services that cover the entire customer service life-cycle, from strategy to change management.

We help you to find pragmatic solutions to reach high level customer satisfaction, employee commitment and company sustainable profitable growth. 

We build efficient, scalable and quality-driven customer service ecosystem, tailored to your needs.

We assist you through an extensive network of certified local partners and subsidiaries.

We partner with world's leading consulting companies and best of breed technology suppliers.

Our strengths

  • expertise in customer service system excellence
  • ability to deliver a holistic, pragmatic and ever evolving services offering
  • skilled, certified and passion-driven team of professionals that add value to the companies they work with
  • successful history of technology innovation and implementation
  • proven and experienced network of partners
  • quality system based on industry standards and best practices

Our history

Established in Tecom’s ICT cluster, Dubai Internet City, in 2008, Blue Mena Group was founded by Riadh Boukhris, president of Altitude Software Mena (the leading independent contact center vendor for unified interaction solutions).

Although IT solutions such as Altitude Software definitively continue to play a key role in enabling a customer service-driven operating approach in the Mena Region, we believed there was still much more required to fully embrace the benefits from a true Customer Services Ecosystem approach.

This is why, in collaboration with our clients, Blue Mena Group enriched Altitude Mena offering with high level operational and business consultancy services.

Adapting to our clients’ needs, and ensuring they had their own tailor-made customer service ecosystem, allowed us to create and fine tune a holistic end-to-end portfolio of solutions and services in the Mena region.

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